The Jewish Community of Kansai survives due to the generosity of donations from outside our own borders.
We welcome tsedakkah in all shapes and forms.

Within Japan

Donations can be mailed or brought directly to the synagogue:

The Jewish Community of Kansai
Kansai Yudaya Kyoudan  
Kitano-cho 4-12-12,
Chuo-Ku, Kobe,
Japan 650-0002.

Within Japan we recommend sending payment by

1) genkin kakitome. cash registered mail. 
Just pick up the envelope at the post office and write the address in English.

postal transfer (Japanese "yubin furikomi").   Account number 00900-8-189531; Account name Kansai Yudaya Kyodan 関西ユダヤ教団 ("Kansai" and "Kyodan" are in kanji [Chinese characters]; "Yudaya" in katakana).  Pre-printed forms are available at the entrance to the synagoguePick up a copy of the form just inside the entrance to Ohel Shelomoh.  If you happen to have a postal savings account of your own, you can transfer yen from it to the JCK account at no cost.  This can even be done over the Internet.

Outside Japan

Wire Transfers:
From outside of Japan: wire transfers can be made directly to the JCC in Kobe as follows:
Bank Name:
Kobe branch; branch code #735
Multi-Money A/C: 958-18057
Beneficiary Account Name: Jewish Community of Kansai

S.Yoshimatsu Bldg.,
8-1-17 Gokodori,
Chuo-ku, Kobe, 651-0087


Special Instructions

Mr. Mayo Mordehay, Treasurer
MOBILE TEL:  81-90-9113-3439⁩
מוטי מאי

Tax Deductible Donations:
Donations can also be made by check to our overseas financial director. For information on making donations within North America, including eligibility for tax exemption, please contact:

S. David Moche CPA
1700 York Avenue
New York, NY 10128, U.S.A.
Mobile: 1- 917-331-2567           
Skype:  sdmoche