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Board of Directors

President: Tony Yair Levy

Vice President: Moshe Gino

Treasurer: Moty Mayo

House Director: Ohad Elharrar

Secretary: Daniela Shinozuka



Me Fall '14

Webmaster: Michael Fox



S. David Moche, C.P.A
New York

Andrew Rolnick
Public Relations

In Depth Interviews:

"Bridging the Gap"
Dalia Anavian, Persian culture commentator, translator and interpreter for court and criminal matters, sounds off on immigration and human rights issues.

"From Romania to Israel: Two Waves, Two Peoples."
Rafi Manory: Materials Engineer/Editor


In Memoriam

"Peace, Gratitude, &Tomorrow:
Lessons of a Holocaust Survivor"

Victor Navarsky: Holocaust Survivor.


Leslie Brezak:


Rahmo Sassoon


Richard Kanter 1949~2010



Jack Yohay


Community Portraits:

Mr. Shiro Mitsumune and Madame
Honorary Counsel of Israel
Kansai Area

Tracy Slater
Coordinator of "
Four Stories: One evening, four urban narratives ."
A group begun in Boston, which now has meetings in Osaka and Tokyo.

One of the best ways to assist our sparse community
is to utilize local member's businesses and services.


Michael Feldman
Kobe & Tokyo
Financial adviser with Pinnacle Wealth Management.
He is available for investment advice and other financial needs.

Steven McIntire Allen
Attorney at Law licensed by California & New York
Origin Law Offices, P.C.
A California Professional Corporation providing legal services in cyberspace

We thank the following people for their support, and hope you can support them.

Menahem Fogel
Efrat, Israel
philosopher, adventurer, and director of
Kosher Tours Japan

History of the Jewish Community of Kansai:

Some gleanings about the first Jews to come to Japan:


Early Times ~ WWII


Chiune (Senpo) Sugihara


"The Fugu Plan"
by Rabbi Marvin Tokayer
Amazing story of how Jewish financier tried to ally Japan against the Russians, and the aftermath.

"Light One Candle"
by Solly Gainor
Jewish boy who befriended Sugihara in Kaunas and was liberated by the US Nisei brigade.